The Red County Caucus Endorses Ted Cruz

In light of Ted Cruz’s rally in Maine yesterday and the fact caucus is today, I thought it  a good idea to repost The Red County Caucus endorsement of Senator Ted Cruz this morning.

The Red County Caucus Endorses Ted Cruz


The members of “The Red County Caucus” announce their endorsement for the Republican nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.


In 2008, it was Piscataquis County’s singular status as the only Red County in all of New England that caused then Representative Paul Davis to begin thinking of forming an activist group that was indicative of this unique achievement. After finding three other Conservatives who shared a commonality and saw the potential of his idea, Davis forged ahead and formed “The Red County Caucus”. The RCC, as some have called the Red Caucus, is made up of those same four members: now Senator Paul Davis (R- Sangerville), former Senator Doug Smith (R-Dover-Foxcroft), former Representative Pete Johnson (R-Greenville), and Andy Torbett, a local Conservative activist and columnist.


In 2010, The Red County Caucus made its first impact upon the Maine political landscape with its endorsement of then candidate Paul R. LePage. The RCC endorsement is viewed by many as a pivotal moment in the 2010 primary race that helped to propel the Mayor of Waterville to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination and eventually the Governorship. To this day, those who claim to stand for conservative principles must pass the litmus test of the Red County.


It is with these principles in mind, that The Red County Caucus unanimously endorses Senator Ted Cruz to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2016. We find that Mr. Cruz is a man of strong moral fiber, a man of steadfast conviction, honest, unashamed of his God, his faith, and his family. He has proven that it these things that he treasures above all and, therefore, we stand convinced that he would tirelessly defend those selfsame treasures that we also hold so dear.


He has defended the precepts of the Constitution and our Free Republic before the Supreme Court with tenacity, prevailing against all odds. Then in the United States Senate, despite a barrage of criticism from the media and members of his own Party, he has continued to defend the God-given Constitutional rights of all Americans.


Furthermore, We, The Red County Caucus, believe firmly that the solutions for a return to greatness in our beloved Nation are not found in one man. Those solutions are found in the citizens of this great Republic whose only impediment to success is a government that restricts our freedom and does not honor our rights. We believe that Senator Ted Cruz, as the next President of the United States of America, will work to lessen the power of government and return that power where it belongs, with “We The People.”


The Honorable Paul Davis-Maine State Senator District 4

The Honorable Peter Johnson- former Maine State Representative

The Honorable Doug Smith- former Maine State Senator

Andy Torbett-The Maine Conservative Voice

Special thanks to Renee K. Trust for the use of the Ted Cruz rally photo. Please use these links to view more photos of the rally and check out her other work.




Maine GOP Announces Caucus Sites, Schedules

Maine GOP Announces Caucus Sites, Schedules

This is Your chance to make your voice heard on who will be the next President of the United States.

People all across Maine will gather at 22 unique, regional sites to cast votes in the Maine Republican 2016 Caucus and help choose our next President.

Make sure your voice is heard and counted on Saturday, March 5th!
Sites and schedules for 14 counties just released
AUGUSTA – The Maine GOP today officially announced caucus sites and schedules for fourteen of Maine’s sixteen counties. These sites and schedules, with a listing of municipalities participating at each site, is available at

“With a strong anticipated turnout, we have worked with local Republican officials to provide the most suitable venue in each caucus region to give Republicans not only a place to securely cast a ballot for their preferred Presidential candidate, but also to meet and work with other local Republicans to build a stronger grassroots network,” said Maine GOP Chairman Rick Bennett.

“Caucuses are a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with other Republicans, listen to important speeches, and get to know your local candidates. We encourage Republicans across Maine to fully embrace this opportunity to help build the Maine GOP stronger from the grassroots up,” said Mr. Bennett.

“Each site will have a one hour voter registration/enrollment period for voters who are currently registered as ‘unenrolled’ and those who are not registered to vote. Immediately following this hour, each site will have three hours in which Republicans from those municipalities can cast a ballot for President,” said Mr. Bennett.

“While we have built a system to ensure every Republican, especially young families and those with tight schedules, have a chance to vote in the Presidential race, we strongly encourage Republicans to listen to speeches from the Presidential campaigns, and visit with our many wonderful Republican candidates and committees at the caucus sites before casting their Presidential ballots,” concluded Mr. Bennett.

The two remaining county caucus (Cumberland County and York County) site locations and schedules will be announced pending finalization of schedule details.


The Maine Republican Party is the state’s premier political organization holding the State’s highest office, a U.S. Senator, a U.S. Congressman, and a chamber of the Maine State Legislature as well as many local elected municipal offices.