Cover Up??

An update to my article entitled “Different Reality, Different Neighborhood”. Local papers to this point have not published this article that was sent to them. I have contacted them several times with no response. My articles have been printed in past weeks but when this article which contains damming evidence to invalidate a Democrat’s candidacy, the Piscataquis Observer suddenly has chosen not to publish this information.(I have also sent this article to Bangor Daily and The Eastern Gazette)

I’m hoping this not an effort by the paper to run cover for the Democrat party. I’m hoping that, perhaps next week, the article will be run in the editorial section where my articles usually appear.  This is an issue that most be addressed.

The Town of Addison has Dr. Evans’ application for Homestead exemption on file stating that he indeed has applied for and received Homestead exemption in the Town of Addison. He must claim residency in the town he has exemption in. The town of Addison is in Washington County, not Piscataquis County, the county in which he is running for office.

The law requires that you must be a resident in the District you seek office for at least 90 days/3 months directly preceding the election. As a candidate, Dr. Evans would have to collect signatures and checks from voters in that District that he claims to reside in. Yet, he still claims Homestead Exemption and residency in a County and District that is hours away from the District he claims to want to represent.

He does own a home in Dover-Foxcroft and does have his mail sent there. But you cannot claim residency in two towns for two different purposes; one to receive tax exemption, the other to run for office. Which is it? You can’t have them both!

2 comments on “Cover Up??

  1. Yet once again : We have a lying thieving politician. Who is hell bent on ripping of tax payers. Low & behold the liar & thief is a Democrat .Of course Maines liberal publications will block deny, divert deflect & obfuscate. Inorder to protect their scheming thieving lying friends. Maines print & broad cast net works will jump through hoops inorder to post any deceptive practices of a GOP member . So much so that Maines media couldn’t even be bothered to fact check sources making ,stating or implied claims against GOP Member. This my conservative friends is the top reason I refrain from purchasing most print publications and block most programming with even the slightest hint of a liberal slant.

  2. It seems that all reason, ethics and honor have been driven from the democrat party as a whole. Gone are the days of the conservative democrat that was a defender of the working class. They disappeared when Angus King became the progressive democrat, against Joe Brennan the last of the true democrats. King was financed behind closed doors by the democrat party to sink Brennan as the take over of the party by leftist progressives! People need to wake up to the fact that all honor and ethics have been flushed from the party and it’s all about controlling the power! Keep up the good work!

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