Truth Be Told

“I suppose it’s a fake majority, but it’s also all that’s required,” University of Maine law professor Dmitry Bam said, adding that in the final round of tallying in a ranked-choice contest, the winning candidate does not have to receive a majority to win. Ultimately, he said, RCV is ‘still a plurality system.’”

One comment on “Truth Be Told

  1. This is unconstitutional both at state and federal level, there is no valid reason to change the constitution for this nor should it have been instituted, if the useless Attorney General now to be useless anti-business governor had done her job! Also, the absolutely ridiculous way it was worded on the ballot by the leftist secretary of state should be embarrassing, but, there is no embarrassment, no honor, no respect, with the leftists in Maine government! And there will be little small businesses over the next four years and many peoples lives ruined by the ignorance of the left, from the installation of windmills everywhere, to the taxation without fair representation. Maine will lose more Mainers moving away balanced out by non-assimilating “refugees” and rich liberals that want Mainers to leave!

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