The Intellectualism of Stupidity Pt. 3


Gibbon, in his time honored definitive study of the Roman Empire, offered five reasons for the fall of Rome. The first and highest impact of the five he offered was the destruction of the Heterosexual Marriage Tradition. It is incumbent upon us in a day when we are surrounded by knowledge to learn from history. Yet studies show that four out of five of modern millennials do not believe there is truth. So therein is the stupor in which we stumble drunkenly. In all our learning, will we get wisdom?

In the study of civilization past, there is perhaps none more mysterious and yet more intriguing then the Egyptian Empire. The mystery is only heightened by the fact that much of its history still lies buried in the sands of the desert. With only shards of pottery and fragments of papyrus from discovered tombs in the ever changing sands, the Silent Dynasty remains just that, silent, with only passing references found on relics from the Literary Period.

Whether you believe the Menes was the first Pharaoh or that Osiris was actually the first, who the Egyptians later deified, the fragmented references from the Literary Period acknowledge a unification of several shepherd tribes and farming communities during the Silent Period into one the most powerful empires the world has ever known, culminating in its apex at the building of the Great Pyramid. The excavations of its ruins give us only small glimpses into the shrouded genesis of Egypt, like small peeks between folds of a heavy curtain. Still, there are clues at early human behavioral patterns which are not so mysterious and not so foreign.

Ironically, the Great Pyramid initiated the beginning of the Literary Period, which would portend and document the decline and eventual sacking of the great Egyptian Empire. In all of its several dynasties, Egypt would never regain the glory which culminated with the Great Pyramid. What got it to its shining brilliance along the Nile? What precipitated its fall?

In the walls of the tombs and written on clay jars among the possessions of the dead are hints of the triggers of decline. Leaders of the day decry in disgust that the youths have no structure and run through the villages in mobs looking for people to kill. Angry youths with no family structure and discipline would be a recurring theme for the rise and fall of civilization in those that would follow Egypt.

The marriage structure, as detailed during the Literary Period, was much simpler than what we have come to expect in our day. There was no ceremony, although Egyptians loved celebrations and one would expect they would find any excuse for a party and revelry. The couple merely signed an agreement and the woman moved in.

Although by the time of the Literary Period divorce was quite prevalent, there was still a strong social stigma, a societal expectation of fidelity attached to the marriage construct. This was taught as necessary to the stability of their society. Even though the religious and traditional celebrations tended to be quite hedonistic in their rituals, the Heterosexual Marriage Tradition, on which the Egyptian Empire was built, was set aside with a code of fidelity to ensure the stable propagation and culturing of life for the future security of the empire.

As the shrouds of mystery surrounding the ruins of Egypt are slowly inched back allowing us to peer into its dim darkened halls, the shards of pottery, fragments of papyrus, and the walls of hieroglyphs remind us who seek her clues that the Egyptians were indeed human beings. They too were susceptible to the patterns of human complacency and decadence that were so starkly apparent in the civilizations they would precede. They too would build a civilization based upon the foundation of their marriage construct, yes, Egyptians were marrying long before Christians were, focused upon the generation, preservation, and cultivation of human life.

When the allure of personal pleasure and gratification caused them to abandon and compromise their foundational construct, they faced their own decline as a repercussion. The repetitive rise and fall of the Egyptian Dynasties heralded an ominous warning for civilization to come. Abandon your foundation at your own peril for if you do all that you have built upon it will crumble into the sands of time.

The Intellectualism of Stupidity Pt 2


by Andy Torbett

The very basic essence of a civilization is the secure propagation of Life. Our Constitution describes it as “to insure the domestic tranquility”. It has become a matter of debate for our civilization as to whether it is Constitutional to defend the traditional structure of marriage. I would counter that the whole of the Constitution was designed to defend that structure. You cannot ensure the domestic tranquility unless you have a domestic to insure.

Still, the argument will be that domestic tranquility was in reference to the early colonists’ way of living, their desire for freedom. Some would argue that their patterns of commerce, trade, and the free market thereof were the ideas behind domestic tranquility. My response is that there is no living without Life. Commerce, trade, the free market of ideas, all things libertarian cannot survive unless there is an assurance of the stable propagation of Life, which can maintain our living.

Our Founders understood this and created an entire document dedicated to the preservation of Life, “to insure the domestic tranquility”, and the Freedoms inherent, “endowed”, to it. All of our Freedoms, our Unalienable Rights, are predicated on and activated by Life. But the modern man looks to the document or the government it creates as the actuator of Rights, not Life and certainly not God. It is this present stupor that breeds the inane argument that the Framers of the Constitution, those learned men, provided no protection for the most basic foundation of civilized Life, the marriage construct, and instead, despite all the evidence afforded them through their extensive study of the history of civilization, allowed for the desolation and destruction of their new Nation, at it’s onset, as an expression of Liberty.

The haze of modern intellectualism has made it difficult for us to understand the basics of Life it would seem. Yes, the Birds and the Bees. The Founding Fathers understood what we do not, that the basic building blocks of a civilization are babies.

In this series of articles, I will have more earth shattering revelations and profundities. Stay tuned for “It’s not just Christians that get married” and “Christians weren’t the only ones who built civilizations”. The research was daunting but I persevered.

This is a true statement: You can’t make a civilization if you can’t make a baby. You can’t build a civilization if you can’t build a baby. That is to say that in order to construct anything you need a stable framework on which to build. Our Heterosexual Marriage Traditions are that framework, yet we are willfully ignorant of the fundamentals of Life.

Its important to realize that when we say that the marriage construct is fundamental to civilization, its because it predates said civilization. The Heterosexual Marriage Tradition birthed civilization because it birthed Life. Because there was Life there had to be a way to live and, therefore, the Heterosexual Marriage Tradition predates civilized law, including our Constitution.

The idea that the Constitution validates our marriage tradition is flawed. The Heterosexual Marriage Tradition validates the Constitution for it provides the Life which activates the Rights the Document defends. If the fundamental structure to raise Life remains strong and intact then the Life it breeds remains strong and productive giving the society strength to flourish. If the fundamental life structure of the society is damaged then the society begins to wither and fail. The Heterosexual Marriage Tradition is the security of the Nation.

Gibbons in his time honored definitive study of the Roman Empire offered five reasons for the fall of Rome. The first and highest impact of the five he offered was the destruction of the Heterosexual Marriage Tradition. It is incumbent upon us in a day when we are surrounded by knowledge to learn from history. Yet, studies show that four out of five of modern millennials do not believe there is truth. So therein is the stupor in which we stumble drunkenly. In all our learning, will we get wisdom?

Life Adrift


Known as the “Weeping Prophet”, Jeremiah witnessed the destruction of Jerusalem and the magnificent Temple of Solomon. Despite his repeated warnings to the people of Judah to change their ways and return to their foundation, which had built and strengthened their Nation, the people continued in their downward spiral of moral decay. After the death of King Josiah, Jeremiah watched the quick plunge back into paganism of his fellow citizens and foresaw their doom and, despite his many emotional warnings, the nation of Judah stubbornly quickened toward the fulfillment of Jeremiah’s prophecies at the sword of a predatory empire.

Jeremiah’s writings in the Bible hold special significance to the Christian of today. He recounts in Jeremiah 1:4-5 an assurance of his call from God, “Then the word of the Lord came to me, saying: ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations.” This scripture encapsulates to a great degree the view of life that Christians embrace.

It is to the Christian that life is formed by the very hand of God. Our Founders used the word endowed. Life is written into the fabric of our foundational documents, of this there can be no denial.

But the protection of life is not necessarily exclusive to a Christian pursuit or endeavor. Most of the greatest civilizations established traditions to promote life among their civilization to ensure their safe and prosperous propagation. Traditions of birth and marriage were established usually in the context of that civilization’s religion. These formed the foundation on which that civilization was built.

This discussion is basic grade school social studies to many but it is important to reaffirm, in light of our nation’s perilous course, the basics of world history. What destroys a nation? What makes it live?

If we as a people do not protect and cherish life, how can we live? As each civilization grows in power, its fear for survival lessens giving way to a desire for personal gain, pleasure, and indulgence. Life holds inevitable repercussions for personal choices, which the selfish work to circumvent. Wants outweigh what is worthy as the people so stalwart to build now wallow in decadence.

Civilization to civilization, the same weakness persists. We strive to build an empire but have not the moral fortitude to maintain it. The path for national decay is well worn for all have followed it.

The decline that Jeremiah wept against for his nation was not new then and happening before our eyes now. A nation grows strong on its zeal for life and desire to survive against all odds. It succeeds and becomes a power to the world and the envy of all nations. Soon, secure in its power, the people began to flock to pleasure and decadence. The constraints of life, the responsibilities thereof, are tossed aside as obstructions in the path towards a new and better nation. We sacrifice our children like nations of old and destroy the structure which raised them and built our society.

We wonder now at our depravity like there was no herald to warn of us of this demise, forgetting those we mocked and shouted down. The sanctity of life and the tradition of marriage is more than just a Christian tradition. It is the very essence and necessity of a nation’s security and survival.

Still, we will ignore the fate in the ruins of time and mindlessly walk towards our doom. It stands to reason, if we could reason, that the value of life could build a civilization and the devaluing of life destroys a civilization. But some will wonder in the end how we got here?

It’s not that complicated. It’s as simple as common sense. When you cut free of the mooring, you simply keep drifting…

  • Andy Torbett