The Greatest Con


I have grown so tired and, yes, angry with liberal’s exploiting the love we have for our children in order to further the designs of their own agenda.  Every opportunist will find the weakness of those they wish to con.  They then wedge, manipulate and humiliate those they game with that weakness until they buckle under the pressure and go along with the plan.  Such has been the operational directives for liberals in this State for years.

Our greatest weakness is our natural desire to protect our children and provide a better future for them.  So with every new government regulation, every new bureaucracy and every tax hike comes the caveat that all this is needed for the children.  Of course, when we see the behavior of those that pad their pockets with our tax dollars, it is easy to see why they contend that all is for the children.  Sarcasm aside. Why is it that we, as Americans, repeatedly allow this dishonest sideshow to cavort through our citizenry under the guise of honest debate?  Perhaps it is time we make a concerted effort to confront this façade and call it for what it is, a lie.

How is it that ballooning a government into the behemoth that it is can be ascribed to the necessity of benefiting children?  How can it be moral to spend the wealth of children before they can even create it?  Yet the liberals who saturate the ranks of the Democrat Party, and some of the Republican Party, feel they have been granted some overarching power to dictate the futures (or lack thereof) for our children.  Shockingly, when one begins to research the beliefs of many foundational leaders of liberalism, socialism and progressivism, one can find that many believed government should be the parents of society and the populace merely the “breeders”.

These within the ranks of the left have been waging a war against property rights for years in this State.  And, yes, they claim that all the restrictions on private property are for our children.  So, are we to believe that our children have no desire to own their own property, land and a home?  Should we simply capitulate to the whims of socialists that believe that we all should live in grey, drab, lifeless, government-owned apartment buildings like Europe?  Does government really know how to manage our land better than us?

Government has a proven track record of destroying and corrupting everything it touches.  I, for one, do not want the government to be touching my children.  I find the bumper stickers that assume I must agree that a vote for government is vote for my children extremely offensive.  On the contrary, I believe that a vote for government is a vote against my children. As father of three, I can assure you that I will do everything in my power to keep my children out of the sinister clutches of government.  If they want to exploit my children for their own personal wealth, which is the pattern of government throughout the ages, they will have to do so over my cold dead carcass, which has been the pattern of Americans through out the ages.

More Evidence of the Corruption is being Exposed

After Jason Savage and his group at Maine People Before Politics exposed Maine Insights for its biased and unprofessional “journalism”, now Maine Wire reports a scandel from government agencies using their left propaganda machine for advertising purposes.


Advantage or Disadvantage



The primary is days away as I write this.  Many have exhausted themselves in non-stop battle to get their candidate elected to the general election.  There are some truths and traditions to examine when it comes to the politics of Maine.

Most historians agree that in the last fifty years or so a disturbing pattern has developed in our State.  The voting populace has proven to be much more conservative than the politicians that represent them.  How then, in a representative form of government, can this pattern emerge?

While conservatives have the numbers to consistently win the majority, they lack the unity to truly effect change.  One of the defining strengths of many conservatives is their dogged adherence to truth and principle.  But this strength at times, yes it seems at the most crucial times, becomes the Achilles that brings another frustrating setback to the march towards consistent prominence.  So fundamentally attached to a certain nuance of the conservative standards, factions easily develop and splinter into various corners and, during elections, never the twain or twenty shall meet.

Governor LePage was the one strong leader, who seemed to bring them together over the divides of their several beliefs.  Now it seems, perhaps, the divides are yawning open again.  Moderates and liberals may regain their hold on power and conservatives could once again squalor in sectarian apathy.

Liberals have long trumpeted their belief that the end justifies the means and have implemented this to great effect.  Conservatives believe the means is just as important as the end.  One cannot be compromised to facilitate the other.  Unfortunately, within this strict approach to representation there has steadily crept an aversion to compromise.  Holding the ground and defending an issue against the onslaught of liberalism has now evolved into staking your territory and fighting with anyone who comes near.  This has resulted in the near death of unity within the conservative ranks.

The one consistency amongst Maine conservatives is the attack of any front-runner, who dares call himself conservative.  Should a conservative candidate emerge from the pack and push to the fore, it seems every conservative leader in Maine is bound by blind rage to lacerate, eviscerate, castigate and in all ways mitigate the demise of his or her candidacy.  This all in an effort to prove themselves much more the conservative than the sad representation, who had the audacity to give themselves the hallowed title of conservative.  The public preening of one’s own conservative narcissism has had a painful debilitating effect on Maine’s political landscape.

Whatever the outcome of this primary, the numbers showed that the front-runner race between a conservative and a moderate should not have even been close.  But old alliances, petty grievances, and downright dirty politics, have made this, perhaps, another chapter in the saga of missed opportunities.  Our founding fathers showed us the wisdom of true compromise. My fellow conservatives, win, lose or draw, it is imperative that we find and learn that lost art our forefathers perfected of finding our unified voice for the sake of our posterity.  Let’s not miss opportunity!

The Stuff of Tyranny


The stuff of tyrants


The pressure is on.  The intensity is rising and anxiety is mounting.  The sacred golden calf of environmentalists is beginning to creak and groan under the beat of the march of the “villagers”.  Yes, the “villagers”, those scabby little things that dare to own land in the far reaches of eastern and northern Maine.  Those scalawags who rape mother earth with tools that plant gardens, chainsaws that cut down trees and, worst of all, produce offspring that run like little vermin in and out of the pristine lakes and streams of the goddess’ green earth.  Eh gads, the fiends!  Who knows what bodily fluids those little monsters are emitting into the mother’s pools of purity. Ah….weeeell, all I can say is when this guy was a little guy there was no getting me out of the water….okay…..just saying.

While this sarcasm is a little over the top (hard to believe, I know), there is an underlying motive behind many of the left’s passionate arguments in defense of LURC, the Land Use Regulatory Commission.  Many of the more liberal persuasion simply do not believe in landowner rights or perhaps other landowners’ rights.  Amazingly, liberals always find a waiver for their own property, but I digress.  The Founding Father’s unwavering belief that a man’s land was his own to do with as he pleases flies directly in the face of the socialist belief that there are a certain select few who know what is best for everybody else.

A Mr. Ron Joseph recently penned an opinion article for the Bangor Daily.  In this piece, Mr. Joseph bemoans the fact that the hearings to review the effect of LURC on rural areas are being held in the rural areas that are affected by LURC.  Of course, to most of us, that would be common sense, but the retired State and Federal biologist fails to see the obvious here.

Mr. Joseph, in his defense of LURC, reveals the prevailing thought process that was the genesis of LURC. That is, landowners of the North and East wild lands are a danger to the land and cannot be trusted with the stewardship of their own lands; therefore, in order to protect the land at risk from these less than worthy landowners a government bureaucracy most be established that can super-impose the will of more earth-minded people upon the rights of those who own the land.  Mr. Joseph clearly states in his editorial that former members of LURC should be the ones deciding its fate.  He never once acknowledges that these are the very members who ignored the will of landowners in years past.  He refuses to admit that there is a reason that rural Maine has such a negative feeling towards this organization.  Rural Maine has suffered immeasurably under the tyranny of this organization.  The political establishment for years has ignored their cries for help.

Now comes a Governor who is determined to see that rural Maine has a voice.  Now the sacred environmental cow begins to feel the tremble of revolt.  But there is danger in this for the Governor.  If the obstructionist moderates within his own party block the abolishment of this hated commission, he and his party may feel backlash from the very ones who voted him in.

Mr. Joseph started his piece with a quote from Earnest Benn.  “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”  I can’t think of a better description for formation of LURC.  A danger to the earth was created that never was.  LURC was formed to govern that which need not and should not be governed.  Now this behemoth of “government gone bad’ has done immense damage to the towns and villages of rural Maine and allows the persnickety, pompous and prudish elitist the power to dictate to landowners what they can and cannot do with their own property.  This is the stuff of tyranny and is why we cry “Abolish LURC and Set Maine Free”!