A new writer

MCV is excited to introduce some new writers to our blog site.  First, is Roger Ek, who is one of the foremost experts on landowners rights and the war against human rights by environmentalist groups.  We look forward to his contributions.  Here is his testimony in Augusta on LD1798, the bill concerning LURC.

Last Chance in Augusta

Last year, Representative Jeff Gifford of Lincoln introduced a bill to abolish LURC. The legislature did what it normally does with controversial issues. They sent it to an appointed “study commission”. Their assignment was to formulate an efficient transition from LURC to the counties in the Unorganized Territories.
Rather than advancing the bill to abolish LURC, this committee has accepted and sent to be engrossed a bill which would make LURC bigger, stronger and meaner. The bill is LD 1798. How appropriate. In 1798 the totalitarian Federalists were trying to seize all power into the hands of government. Back then it didn’t work. However, in 1971 Maine’s legislature decided that the people up in the other Maine did not deserve to govern themselves. LURC celebrated their 40th anniversary last September.
People in the Northern Maine were dismayed at the result of the commission’s report. All twelve commission members were appointed. Nine had close ties to the environmental industry and the other three were easily controlled. Some commission members may be remorseful that they signed off on this today, but the fact is that all twelve signed their names to recommend a LURC that would be bigger, stronger and meaner. Oh, they mention “principles of sound land use planning and development”, but those principles are not the principles of our Constitution and our Founding Fathers. They are the principles of controlling people through a central planning regime as they did behind the Iron Curtain. Under the commission’s recommendation the hated CLUP would survive and grow in power.
Sound land use planning and development are buzz words for sustainable development and Agenda 21. It is total control by government. There is no language in the document to protect freedom, liberty and self determination. They decide what is “appropriate”, not the landowner. LURC would decide about “areas appropriate for designation as development districts when measured against the purpose, intent and provisions of this chapter”, not the owner. Even towns that choose to organize will be ruled by LURC unless the town chooses to be even more restrictive than LURC. In the future, towns can only organize if LURC likes their proposed zoning map. Many towns in Maine have no zoning at all except for the shore-land zoning imposed by the DEP.
I am old enough to remember watching men build a boathouse in a Maine lake. It was a very nice boathouse. It was legal and it was built for an old time lapstrake guide boat with a Model A engine. That boathouse did not harm the lake. In fact, bait fish congregated in the boathouse and larger fish were there for the opportunity to feed. Over time, LURC has forced Maine citizens further and further back from the shores they own.
LD 1798 would not only make LURC more powerful, it would freeze that power in place for more than three years until September 1, 2015. This gives them a long time to consolidate their growing power and resist any new attempt to change LURC. After 2015, if a County chooses to be even more restrictive than LURC is they might be allowed to manage their own development. However, if LURC doesn’t like even one permit approved by the county, LURC could seize authority back from the county. Unbelievable? it’s in there. Everywhere in this law it is OK to be more restrictive and take away more property rights, but not ever be less restrictive.
From the bill:
“All existing rules, regulations and procedures in effect, in operation or adopted in or by the former Maine Land Use Regulation Commission or any of its administrative units or officers and all permits, approvals and decisions of the former Maine Land Use Regulation Commission are hereby declared in effect and continue in effect until rescinded, revised or amended by the proper authority.”
There it is. Total control is preserved, set in stone forever.
The arrogance of this legislature and the bureaucracies is astounding. In the past year people all over the world have risen up and overturned tyrannical powers. How can you imagine you are immune from man’s natural desire for freedom? The people in the other 52% of Maine deserve to have their freedom back. No other state has anything like LURC.
Fate has not put you here at this time. WE have put you here. This is your time. Act now. Bring freedom back to Northern Maine. Reject this bill and return to the original bill to abolish LURC. Pass it forthwith and free Northern Maine from this egregious oppression.
Roger Ek
Lee, Maine

A Blue Christmas


A blue Christmas


I’m not enough of a political historian to know why and when the colors blue and red were designated as the colors of the Democrat and Republican parties, respectively, but it has become increasingly clear in recent weeks that Democrats are determined to have a blue Christmas.  The late rock-in-roller Elvis Presley crooned, in that Christmas classic “Blue Christmas”, assuring his estranged lover that he would have a blue Christmas without her.  The lyrics of this song were meant to invoke images and emotions of sorrow and loneliness.  Democrats, on the other hand, seem quite content to have a blue Christmas without you.

Democrats have ignored the will of the people for years on the issue of LURC.  Now that the people have given the Republicans a chance to free rural Maine from this onerous regulatory beast, Republicans seem reluctant to make the right choice for Maine.  In the last legislative session, the opportunity was available to rid Maine of this burden.  Moderate Republicans entranced by the beckoning sounds of that hazy blue light followed it like so many moths to the flame and voted instead to form a commission to study the effects LURC on the State of Maine.  It seems that forty years of economic devastation wasn’t enough.

So the commission was formed and produced a compromise, which doesn’t seem to reflect the will of so many in rural Maine that cried for repeal.  There is a provision for Counties to opt out, but already Democrats are working to eliminate that.  If the moderate Republicans hold true to their pattern of obstruction, the future looks very blue indeed.  Mainers will be left with only promises of change but nothing to show for it.  This may prove to be a very blue Christmas for Democrats, a Christmas where the will of the people is ignored.  A gift Democrats thrive upon.

DHHS is facing a 212 million dollar shortfall.  The Governor has produced a plan to deal with it.  It asks that all healthy, childless adults be taken off the taxpayer dole.  The crazy thing about this plan is that it almost sounds like commonsense.  But Democrats and their media allies have produced the same old tired pictorials of the many defenseless the Republicans will hurt, like the front-page picture of a man who lives in need of oxygen.  The media and the liberals would have us believe that this is healthy male.  I’m sorry but the word “healthy” does not immediately conjure up images of a man who is confined by a need for oxygen.  Talk about your redefinitions.

Once again, the Democrat party is practicing diversionary tactics because they do not want the will of the people to be enacted.  If so, it will spell the end of bureaucracy.  Reformation will portend the targeting of fat-cat politicians and their corrupt agendas.  The Democrats have a lot to hide and hold on to.  They are determined to have a blue Christmas without you the people.

The Stuff of Tyranny


The stuff of tyrants


The pressure is on.  The intensity is rising and anxiety is mounting.  The sacred golden calf of environmentalists is beginning to creak and groan under the beat of the march of the “villagers”.  Yes, the “villagers”, those scabby little things that dare to own land in the far reaches of eastern and northern Maine.  Those scalawags who rape mother earth with tools that plant gardens, chainsaws that cut down trees and, worst of all, produce offspring that run like little vermin in and out of the pristine lakes and streams of the goddess’ green earth.  Eh gads, the fiends!  Who knows what bodily fluids those little monsters are emitting into the mother’s pools of purity. Ah….weeeell, all I can say is when this guy was a little guy there was no getting me out of the water….okay…..just saying.

While this sarcasm is a little over the top (hard to believe, I know), there is an underlying motive behind many of the left’s passionate arguments in defense of LURC, the Land Use Regulatory Commission.  Many of the more liberal persuasion simply do not believe in landowner rights or perhaps other landowners’ rights.  Amazingly, liberals always find a waiver for their own property, but I digress.  The Founding Father’s unwavering belief that a man’s land was his own to do with as he pleases flies directly in the face of the socialist belief that there are a certain select few who know what is best for everybody else.

A Mr. Ron Joseph recently penned an opinion article for the Bangor Daily.  In this piece, Mr. Joseph bemoans the fact that the hearings to review the effect of LURC on rural areas are being held in the rural areas that are affected by LURC.  Of course, to most of us, that would be common sense, but the retired State and Federal biologist fails to see the obvious here.

Mr. Joseph, in his defense of LURC, reveals the prevailing thought process that was the genesis of LURC. That is, landowners of the North and East wild lands are a danger to the land and cannot be trusted with the stewardship of their own lands; therefore, in order to protect the land at risk from these less than worthy landowners a government bureaucracy most be established that can super-impose the will of more earth-minded people upon the rights of those who own the land.  Mr. Joseph clearly states in his editorial that former members of LURC should be the ones deciding its fate.  He never once acknowledges that these are the very members who ignored the will of landowners in years past.  He refuses to admit that there is a reason that rural Maine has such a negative feeling towards this organization.  Rural Maine has suffered immeasurably under the tyranny of this organization.  The political establishment for years has ignored their cries for help.

Now comes a Governor who is determined to see that rural Maine has a voice.  Now the sacred environmental cow begins to feel the tremble of revolt.  But there is danger in this for the Governor.  If the obstructionist moderates within his own party block the abolishment of this hated commission, he and his party may feel backlash from the very ones who voted him in.

Mr. Joseph started his piece with a quote from Earnest Benn.  “Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”  I can’t think of a better description for formation of LURC.  A danger to the earth was created that never was.  LURC was formed to govern that which need not and should not be governed.  Now this behemoth of “government gone bad’ has done immense damage to the towns and villages of rural Maine and allows the persnickety, pompous and prudish elitist the power to dictate to landowners what they can and cannot do with their own property.  This is the stuff of tyranny and is why we cry “Abolish LURC and Set Maine Free”!