Write Your Name On It

In the process of the everyday execution of my trade and profession, I often have the opportunity to repair and remodel older homes.  One such home was up here in the foothills of the highlands in small town called Brownville Junction.  As the name implies, this little town was once a bustling depot for trains as they ferried the abundant resources of the north woods to areas abroad.  This whole town was built and supported by the rails that ran through them, that is, until the advent of the regulatory tyranny of the Democrat Party in this State.  But that is a story for another time.

As I carefully removed the handcrafted, craftsman style moldings on doorways and baseboards as to preserve them for reattachment, I noticed something very striking and unique about this trim work.  Time to time on the backs of the wood a signature was scrawled in black with the name of the tradesman, his place of residence and date the piece was attached.  I call this unique and striking because in our modernized and mechanized age the time of handmade wood trim is a bygone era and the hands that expertly shaped and signed them have been, in many instances, laid to rest.

Yes, there is a certain sadness to acknowledge the end of an era, but the sentiment is not gone.  As a young boy learning the trades, my mentors would often admonish me by asking if I was willing to sign my name to the work I had completed and they were inspecting.  Now as a father of two rambunctious boys just getting their feet wet in the trades, I often hear myself reminding them that everything they do is a reflection on their name, their reputation.

Can you sign your name to it?  Are you so secure in your abilities and your product that you would scrawl your name, your residence and the time you built it knowing full well that very signature would leave none other to blame for failure but you?  That blackened scrawl that I read in Brownville Junction represented years of learning, hard work, failure, mistakes, experience and finally the graduation to the confidence to write the signature of a craftsman.

Sadly, many leaders of today will not sign their name to their work or, if they do, they won’t stand by it.  It starts with our sitting President, who has blamed everyone but himself for the actions or inactions of his administration.  The fault has consistently been blamed on President Bush, then Congress and his new scapegoat now, shamefully, is his wife and little girls.  When his campaign managers are pressed to answer if the country is better off than four years ago, they dodge repeatedly, then point to the Maine Ron Paul fiasco and say, with all the petulance of a fourteen year old, “at least we’re united”.

Maine’s leader of the Stealth Democrats, former Governor Angus, will not divulge where he stands politically on issues, who his allies are and how he will vote if he is elected.  Thankfully, the people of Maine have his record to look at.  But the Monarch of Mystery still will not even acknowledge the facts that are on the record.  The deficits he burdened this State with he calls theoretical.  He calls the exposition of his corrupt dealings, by pushing through State laws, which would facilitate his wind energy business, a twisting of the truth.  No, the only twisting is a certain King of Lies in the wind.  Can you sign your name to anything…Governor King?  And you want our trust and vote?

Herbert Clark, who is challenging Senator Doug Thomas for his seat, will not stand behind his bill that he co-sponsored in the legislature.  He said he didn’t realize what was in the bill.  How can you call yourself a competent legislator and not know what the bill you sponsored was about?  It was about information, a reminder, Mr. Clark, finding and providing information.  You, sir, and the special interests groups holding your puppet strings are fighting the dispensation of vital information to the people of Maine.  The Honorable Herbert Clark needs to stand by his signature.

Representative Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan has a different approach to the concept of a signature piece.  Mr. McCabe so admired the work of his mentor John Martin that he took Martin’s work and put his own name on it, word for word.  In the real world, it’s called plagiarism.

There seems to be a theme of accountability or the lack thereof, running through the Democrat ranks that are completely divergent from the core of American exceptionalism.  This November the people of Maine and the rest of the Nation must force the Democrat Party to sign their name to their handiwork, make them stand by it and face the repercussions for it.  If we the people do not demand this, they will never do it on their own.


Still neck deep in research of the myriad of Democrat folly, the labyrinth of bureaucracies created by John Martin to cover them up and keep them intact, and the desperate attempts by Emily Cain and others to blame the forty year compilation of such on the one year of efforts to clean it up by the LePage administration.  So I decided to shine the light of scrutiny on a much lighter subject, just plain old media stupidity.  Yes, we all love to watch the media’s inept attempts to simply tell the facts.  This is always followed with that warm nostalgic feeling when this same media follows its own predictable pattern of insulting our intelligence by claiming through spin and diversion that it is telling the facts.

I am a fan of the game of football.  I am a fan of the New England Patriots.  The Patriots won a decisive playoff victory over the Denver Broncos, which is in the process of training and molding a very young quarterback.  This young man has been the subject of, perhaps, the greatest outpouring of media stupidity I have seen or heard.  I have stayed away from this hilarity for reasons of trying to maintain some dignity.  But there are some sad tendencies within the media that ooze throughout the reporting world with unfortunate regularity.  The tendency most consistent is the tendency to….lie.

A couple of weeks ago, it was widely reported, after a poor showing against the Kansas City Chiefs, that the back-up quarterback was getting most of the reps and that Denver had installed a new offense for him for the play-offs.  Well then, a nasty thing called the truth appeared that Sunday.  Tim Tebow did play and did beat the Pittsburg Steelers.  The great quarterback Phil Simms revealed in his color commentary that the “new offense” installed was the customary two reps that a back-up receives at the Friday practice before the game.  This is done to remind the quarterback next in line what a football looks like, how it feels in his hand, and that it should be thrown in the direction of his teammates with some semblance of accuracy and purpose.  The coach then hopes his back-up will, in an emergency, show some mastery of the choreographed dance of large, overly padded men hurling and smashing themselves into each other with extreme prejudice.  What a great sport!

Did the media apologize for such a glaring lie?  Did sports writers admit their lack of knowledge of truth and that they are better suited to be writing talking points for Emily Cain or John Martin?  No!  Why?  Because they hate the fact that he exercises his Constitutional right to express his faith in public.

I share a very similar faith with this young man.  So you may ask how I feel about his expression of faith.  I DON’T CARE!!  He is an American and he can express his faith how he pleases.  Some have accused him of saying God helps him win.  He has never said that.  Another lie!

I’m going to drop a theological bombshell here.  Hang on!!  God doesn’t care a hoot what team wins a football game.  What he cares about is that all of us who claim to be Christians live out our lives, in the other six days of a week, as reflection of the God we worship on Sunday.

The behavior around Tim Tebow is silly.  The tendency of the media to lie with arrogant impunity is not.  The media will continue to do this unless we the people demand they stop and respond with the truth.

A Blue Christmas


A blue Christmas


I’m not enough of a political historian to know why and when the colors blue and red were designated as the colors of the Democrat and Republican parties, respectively, but it has become increasingly clear in recent weeks that Democrats are determined to have a blue Christmas.  The late rock-in-roller Elvis Presley crooned, in that Christmas classic “Blue Christmas”, assuring his estranged lover that he would have a blue Christmas without her.  The lyrics of this song were meant to invoke images and emotions of sorrow and loneliness.  Democrats, on the other hand, seem quite content to have a blue Christmas without you.

Democrats have ignored the will of the people for years on the issue of LURC.  Now that the people have given the Republicans a chance to free rural Maine from this onerous regulatory beast, Republicans seem reluctant to make the right choice for Maine.  In the last legislative session, the opportunity was available to rid Maine of this burden.  Moderate Republicans entranced by the beckoning sounds of that hazy blue light followed it like so many moths to the flame and voted instead to form a commission to study the effects LURC on the State of Maine.  It seems that forty years of economic devastation wasn’t enough.

So the commission was formed and produced a compromise, which doesn’t seem to reflect the will of so many in rural Maine that cried for repeal.  There is a provision for Counties to opt out, but already Democrats are working to eliminate that.  If the moderate Republicans hold true to their pattern of obstruction, the future looks very blue indeed.  Mainers will be left with only promises of change but nothing to show for it.  This may prove to be a very blue Christmas for Democrats, a Christmas where the will of the people is ignored.  A gift Democrats thrive upon.

DHHS is facing a 212 million dollar shortfall.  The Governor has produced a plan to deal with it.  It asks that all healthy, childless adults be taken off the taxpayer dole.  The crazy thing about this plan is that it almost sounds like commonsense.  But Democrats and their media allies have produced the same old tired pictorials of the many defenseless the Republicans will hurt, like the front-page picture of a man who lives in need of oxygen.  The media and the liberals would have us believe that this is healthy male.  I’m sorry but the word “healthy” does not immediately conjure up images of a man who is confined by a need for oxygen.  Talk about your redefinitions.

Once again, the Democrat party is practicing diversionary tactics because they do not want the will of the people to be enacted.  If so, it will spell the end of bureaucracy.  Reformation will portend the targeting of fat-cat politicians and their corrupt agendas.  The Democrats have a lot to hide and hold on to.  They are determined to have a blue Christmas without you the people.