The Helpless The Agony


As with so many others, I felt the helpless agony of watching, during the most sacred and holy week of Christendom, the martyrdom of so many of my brothers and sisters and little brothers and sisters in Christ around the world. While we of Christian faith understand through the warnings in the teachings of Christ that we will be hated of all nations, our humanity recoils when we see the depravity of that hatred so unleashed and so unchecked.

It has certainly has not been a good week to be a Christian anywhere in the world. Over and over again, the world has watched these debaucheries be vomited out before our eyes. We wonder and exclaim how mankind can be capable of all things heinous? Where is the strength of righteousness nations to stand against it all? In the depths of the hollow silence to the question, all we hear are the deepest agonies and travails of mothers weeping for their children who are no more.

For the righteous nations are no more

They recoil and shudder on their own shore

They excuse and they ponder

While filth rape and plunder

And children accept their death with grace

What leaders here cannot with courage face

Are the righteous nations righteous no more?

Who will stand if our courage is poor?

Mothers and Fathers whose arms ache to hold

Their children whose lifeless still bodies so cold

Their blood is now calling From the ground of their falling

While we stand debating Our leaders are waiting

To find who has courage in deed

Committees addressing the need

Death marches on Screeching its song

We wonder whats wrong? What’s taking so long?

To say what is right.

Stand up against the night

Rabid dogs howl they know that its true

There is no one standing and fighting for you

For the righteous nations are no more

They recoil and shudder on their own shore

It hasn’t really helping the courage of Christianity in our own land that we constantly face the betrayal of our leaders here, such as the Governor of Georgia, in the face of mounting persecution here in the United States. We must call for courage in our leaders and then remove them when they do not exude the leadership we demand.

Seashells by the Seashore

The Roman Army was gathered on the banks of the English Channel poised to invade Britannia. What happened next is one of the most perplexing moments in world history. The Emperor Caligula ordered his troops to dismount and pick up seashells in their tunics and helmets. These he brought back as trophies to Rome as spoils for conquering the sea.

Caligula’s brief four-year reign was as complicated as trying to find the facts of his reign, a convoluted web of paranoia, perversion, and psychosis. It highlights Rome’s political decline from within, as it still pursued its empirical conquest of the world. Caligula did much to accelerate this decline, due in large part to his inability to except criticism, his broadening of the Emperor’s powers, and the brutal obsession with his own selfish ambition.

Many are troubled by the direction our great Nation is headed. Recent events have only magnified the trepidation that so many feel. With all that faces the United States and the gravity of world events, our President seems to be content with picking seashells and conquering the ocean.

Two horrific tragedies have occurred in the War on Terror recently, which shocked and appalled us all. One was the burning alive of brave young Jordanian pilot. The other was the murder of a young humanitarian aid worker from the United States, Kayla Mueller. The leader of Jordan, King Abdullah, responded by strapping on a flight suit to lead a squadron of F-16s on strike against ISIS. The leader of the United States responded by strapping on a selfie-stick and taking pictures of himself, sticking his tongue out at himself, in a mirror. The White House posted these pictures, as they put it, to present an approachable, softer side of the President.

Theodore Roosevelt once accused the sitting President in his day of having the “backbone of an éclair”. I’m not sure what Roosevelt would have thought of this President’s backbone and I’m not sure how much the White House thinks they need to soften the President, but I think we have reached invertebrate status in the Oval Office. Yes, we may have found Darwin’s missing link.

Sarcasm aside, when this President cannot find the courage to admit that twenty-one Egyptian Christians publicly martyred for their faith are… Christians, then there is no leader in Washington. When the Egyptians respond to this gruesome mass murder with an air strike and our President goes golfing, there is no leader in Washington.   President Obama is transfixed and obsessed with the seashells on the seashore and it is destroying our Nation.