One Trick Pony



Ah, to be young again.  Why the nostalgia you ask?  Is it the season, the holly and the berries?  No, quite frankly, it’s the nuts, the fruitcakes and the bologna that has me wandering down memory lane.  Specifically, I remember a trip as a boy to the fabled Santa’s Village in Jefferson, N.H.

There I stood entranced by the jerk-stop movements of the animatronics elves as their mouths squeaked and groaned in motion only a half-step behind the lyrics they were supposed to be singing.  It was a wonderful mechanical, robotic choir singing the great songs of yuletide, clanging and grinding each painful note for their young breathless audience.  One song, I particularly remember was a song by an elf, who was an Elvis impersonator, named, yes, …Elfis.  There is a rumor that the originator of that idea was also the engineer behind the ObamaCare site, but that’s just a rumor.

Elfis, yes, Elfis “sang” his version of “Blue Christmas”.  The lyrics being “I’lla hava aha bluuuuu Christmaaaass without me,” much to the laughter of those of us in the audience. Why is this very odd and strange memory coming back to this columnist?  Well, it was prompted by some very odd and strange behavior coming from our old friends, the Democrats.

You see Democrats are, if anything, consistent – the one trick pony.  No matter the situation, no matter the problem, and no matter the event, it is really all about them.   So I have decided to start a yearly tradition like none other.  Inspired by the photogenic leader of the Democrat Party, I hereby announce the First Inaugural Presentation of The Maine Conservative Voice Selfie Awards.


The First and Magnanimous Selfie goes to the Selfie-and-Chief himself, Barack Obama.  There is not a camera you don’t like and not a moment that shouldn’t be about you.  Thanks, Mr. President, for being our inspiration.


A Dopey Selfie to the people of South Africa who used the funeral of a revered leader to boo the U.S. President, George W. Bush, who worked with Mandela to initiate the PEPFAR program, and spent millions to eradicate aids in South Africa, and then cheering the U.S. President, Barack Obama, who defunded the PEPFAR program and cut millions of dollars to aids research worldwide.


A Regal Selfie to Maine’s own monarch, Angus King, who is showing his “independence” to Mainers by joining a Democrat taskforce, emphasis on force, to “sell” ObamaCare to the people, because whether you want it or not, Obamadoesn’tCare.  He also voted with Democrats to kill the filibuster and violate the rules of Democracy.  He also doesn’t seem to mind that his windmill conglomerate now has a waiver from Obamadoesn’tCare to kill Bald Eagles, the National Bird.  It’s always been about the King, hasn’t it?


A Wholelotta Selfie goes to the one and only Justin Alfond.  There have been so many selfie moments in the mystical reign of the Senate President, but the grandest of all must be his most recent claim that the Democrats are responsible for paying the hospitals back, not the Governor.  Wow!   Other Selfie moments include blocking a bill to aid victims of sex trafficking because it wasn’t an emergency, but promoting his bill for wine tasting because it was…?


A Wingman Selfie to House Speaker Mark Eves for being Alfond’s partner in crime and pushing for MaineCare expansion, while a company he represents will directly benefit from those monies.


A “Wha..?” Selfie goes to N.H. Representative, Ann Kuster, who didn’t want to talk about Benghazi because she was there to talk about the Middle East.  She also receives a complimentary geography class from the local fourth graders.


A “Whaaat?!!” Selfie to Maine State Representative Brian Bolduc who sent an expletive laced email to announce, in no uncertain terms, that truck drivers do not have brains.  As a former truck driver myself, I am so pleased to announce he will receive, in addition to his selfie, a complimentary blast of the air horn every time a truck driver passes his house.


A “What the…?” Selfie to the Maine Democrat Party for sitting by silently while a member of your Party railed against and insulted the hardworking people of Maine.  Your silence was deafening. You waited to hear what your advisors and strategists had to say before doing the right thing and standing up for the people of Maine?  Once again, to the Alfond led Maine Democrats, thanks for absolutely nothing. It’s all about you and your selfies, isn’t it?

There’s Reality, Then There’s Democrats



Democrats have passed their first budget in four years and they’re positively giddy about it.  The celebratory swoon in Washington may have contributed to the collective swelling of the cranial area in the Democrat Party, for they often find so great pride in accomplishing what many Americans consider every day necessary tasks.  For this reason, thinking caps have been relegated to the dustbins of history in the District of Columbia because, well, they just don’t fit anyone there any more.

Then on to the shimmering horizon comes our President.  He assures the Israelis that he can empathize with their struggles with the Palestinians because we, here in the United States, have struggles with our neighbor to the north, Canada…ummm Canada?…what the….whaa…wow!!  From what nether did he pluck that? Maine is a few hours from the Canadian border and we aren’t ducking any rockets here.  The U.S./Canadian border is the most peaceful border in the world, and that’s even taking into account those crazy truck drivers from Quebec.  To equate the relationship between the United States and Canada to the terror inflicted by Palestine on Israel is sheer lunacy.

Ah, but now we come home to our very own Alfond Democrats, who have taught us new and creative ways to pay debts.  Just don’t do it!  Ignore it!  Move on to bigger and…and….bigger government!

And while they are ignoring the debt, they sure are focused on the Governor, fixated.  They’ve proposed bills to take away his pension, just his, not theirs.   The latest Democrat homage to their feelings for the Governor is a bill to sell The Blaine House.  They want to put the Governor out on the street!  That’s not very nice…oh, and the hospitals still would like to get paid, if you could fit that in somewhere in between selling the Governor’s luggage and kidnapping Baxter to hold for ransom.

The Alfond Democrats have passed some bills.  They made it easier to buy beer on St. Patrick’s Day.  Just recently, they passed a bill to ban minors from tanning beds.  Now, if only they were as concerned about the hospital debt as they are about beer and your daughter’s tan lines.

The Spin, Some Skin, Do Lies Still Win

In a not so shocking development, the Governor of Maine is one of four Governors nationwide that has received an “A” grade for his fiscal policies.  The Governor and his Republican majority have done yeomen’s work trying to reform the 40 years of fiscal lunacy, which typified the Democrat reign in Augusta.  The regulatory jungle and monstrous tax burden, which had become synonymous with Maine’s business climate, was draining the lifeblood of Maine’s economy, jobs.

With the advent of the LePage administration and the Republican majority, much needed regulatory reforms were implemented, with tax reductions and healthcare reform.  These were a much-needed transfusion of life into anemic, nearly lifeless economy.  This is why, while the National debt clock spins forward, whirling at blinding speeds, the Maine debt clock is spinning in the opposite direction.  But this is soon to change.

Inexplicably, the Maine people have decided they preferred the white pale and pallor of fiscal anemia, to the hard work it takes to return to a robust economy. As anyone who has done any construction work can attest, it is much easier to demolish than to build.  With the new Democrat majority, duly elected by the people of Maine, the Maine Debt Clock will soon begin to spin in unison with the national debt clock and we can all spin and spend our way into oblivion together.

Perhaps I’ve mentioned it before, but one of the most shocking things I found during this election cycle was the amount of people, when presented the facts of what causes a nation’s demise, replied with an apathetic, “All nations collapse sometime.”  I can’t believe that anyone could be so glib about the loss of all we hold so dear.  Perhaps it is a developed distrust of what they are told, since lying has become the method of choice for so many in the liberal politics, which controls Maine.

With so much now coming to light on the many lies and half-truths told by the President in his desperate charge to hold to power, many are now dealing with a sick, hung-over feeling that comes after a binge that has you waking up next to what you thought was beautiful the night before.  And what makes the feeling worse is the realization you’ve done the same thing again…and again.  Yes, waking up, realizing you have been shamefully used and that you have allowed it repeatedly is a very disheartening feeling.  The stark truth is telling, to be sure.

Do you remember the lie that the rich don’t pay their fair share?  Now even CNN is acknowledging that falsehood, after the election.  The economy was on the recovery, right?  Then why do businesses all over the country have to lay off workers?

And while we struggle to make ends meet, government employees want taxpayers to fund their exorbitant union demands.  As long as it’s skin off our backs, not theirs, this is how government works.  The taxpayers always foot the bill for things they had nothing to do with nor wished to.  Our Founding Fathers called this immoral.  Yet, in this failing economy, greedy union reps demand more and more.  When the companies collapse under the burden, the reps move on with no skin in the game.  Union workers are left behind once again with nothing but questions, media spin, bills and winter looming.  When will we as Americans finally learn that standing for truth and fighting for victory is not a one-time event but a lifetime of travail, a never-ending battle that we must not and cannot cease to engage.  We must Set Maine Free!