His Own Rules


Mike Michaud has come out publicly in favor of gay marriage.  This is stunning for a couple of reasons.  First, that the mouse of the Second District would have a public statement on any issue of any significance is surprising in its own revelation.  Second, that this Representative would make a stand so divergent from the views of the District he represents is downright appalling.  It begs the question, does Mr. Michaud understand the premise of representative government, or, does this statement come on the not so gentle heels, literally, of his D.C. master, Nancy Pelosi?

In the last of the enumerable challenges and attacks on traditional marriage in this State, the Second District averaged between 65 to 75% against gay marriage with some precincts tallying 80% of the vote against the redefining of marriage.   Mike Michaud has no respect for the wishes of his constituents but, instead, caters and cows to the demands of those who hold his political leash.  His opponent, Kevin Raye, has taken his stand with traditional marriage, in keeping with the views of those he wishes to represent.

Like the rest of his Party, from the President on down through Angus King until somehow it finds the wallflower of Maine, Mike Michaud has followed the liberal mantra that the people must be accountable to the agenda rather than the agenda accountable to the people.  Maine’s own shrinking violet continues to support this President whose taxpayer funded extravagant lifestyle has cost U.S. taxpayers four times what it cost the Brits to support the Royal Family.  The lies and cover-up by this President and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton have caused even Democrats to call for an investigation into the criminal negligence that cost our foreign diplomats their lives.

Angus King, Lord of Stealth and Maine’s former scenic vistas, has come unhinged that there are trackers following him.  But he has his own tracker that follows Charlie Summers around.  Speaking of unhinged, after making a surprise visit to the Republican Headquarters in Dover-Foxcroft where he shook my hand and asked me to take the rest of the election off (that is kind of funny…take the rest of….ahem…), he was not so humorous with a young teenage girl (TMCV reports, after meeting the young lady, she is not a teenager but a lovely young lady of 23.  Our mistake.)who volunteers at the Center Theatre a few store fronts down the way.  When the young lady politely declined to be in the photo-op with King, Maine’s own tax subsidized monarch angrily berated her in front of all the theatre volunteers present, trying to shame her into compliance with his wishes.  It’s really shameful.

And while we are on the topic of shameful, I just climbed Bigelow Mountain with my two boys. This of course was not shameful. It was a wonderful experience except for the fact that I had to explain to my sons that beyond those twirling white behemoths to the northwest of Flagstaff Lake was once a beautiful mountain range.  Now, that’s shameful Mr. King.  Your selfish agenda is more important than the lasting beauty of Maine.  The Maine Conservative Voice supports industry and progress but not to the detriment of the grandeur of this great State.  What’s Mike Michaud’s stance on that….just wondering?

But the question now is to the voters of the Second District.  Will you support a Representative such as Mike Michaud who completely disallows your convictions and core beliefs with his public statements?  This man will continue his flippant disregard for the residents of rural Maine unless he is punished at the voting booth.  That is our job!  This man has voted against funding our troops while they are in battle, in harm’s way.  He has stood against job creating policies that would help mill workers of this region, and now, he has publicly renounced the belief system of the majority of the people he represents.  How can we give this man our seal of approval for his poor and shoddy job performance?  Some may say that he brings in financial support for memorial and local projects.  My fellow residents, I question whether we should sell our votes to this man for his financial gifts, which seem to only come right before election times.  And have we taken the time to realize that another legislator could bring those same grants for local projects and memorials, yet vote the right way, vote in a way that represents the core beliefs of the great people of the Second District.  We can do better, much better than Mike Michaud

Really Bad Week….Got Worse

Maine’s resident King of Stealth, Angus to be exact, has had a terrible week.  From flying off the handle at reporters to likening the concerns of Maine residents to the antics of Godzilla in his latest ad, Angus seems to by going everywhere but right and up.  His poll numbers plummeting and now his misbehaviors have made national news.  Mr. King that old internet, yeah, the one you forced taxpayers to fund for public schools, is coming back to haunt you.  You can’t be so stealthy now, can you Mr. King?

Stealth Plus


In the past, this author has made much of the new stealth Democrat party led by Angus King.  Simply affixing the label of “Independent” over the top of the word Democrat on their banner and moving forward with the same agenda, function, and support system has been the tactic of choice for these new Maine Democrats.  This is understandable since the Democrat brand has suffered considerable damage to its image from the poor leadership it has exemplified at each level of governance in this Nation.

At the national level, the policies of Democrats have resulted in the deaths of border agents and a foreign ambassador, sent our debt spiraling out of control, crushed our economy, and made job creators the enemy of the State.  Here at the State and local levels, they have obstructed all attempts to fix a State, which had reeled for forty years under the weight of leftist big government policies.   This Democrat party is the same party, which has stolen billons from Medicare to pay for their own healthcare agenda, and then vilifies the Republicans who are now trying to save it for our seniors.  And now Angus King, monarch of all Stealth Democrats, has resorted to mocking Maine people who are concerned and frustrated that Maine’s resident wind magnate has used their tax dollars to place white, twirling, behemoth towers of government waste right in front of their lake view of Maine’s once pristine mountain landscapes.   He compares their concerns to a Godzilla B-movie in his latest TV ad.  Maine’s leader of the stealth Democrats seems to be lacking in some class, as well, but not lacking in millions of tax funded subsidies to pad his wallet.  But one member of King’s party incognito has taken stealth to a whole new level.

Mike Michaud must have found some new alien cloaking device, which he is keeping to himself, because after each November election the man simply disappears only to reappear two years later in Maine with his title of  “most irrelevant congressman” in tow.   Mr. Michaud has declared that he is willing to debate “anytime, anywhere.”

But when groups try to schedule him for debates with Senator Raye, he simply can’t be found… anytime…. or anywhere.

The National Federation of Independent Business has given him a rating of….zero.  Really….zero?  It would seem that simply inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide in D.C could get you a higher rating than that.  The rest of his so-called Blue Dog coalition has got at least a 50% rating.  Zero…really?  Hence, the possibility of a cloaking device.  At least his carbon credits are low.

Conversely, Michaud’s opponent, Senate President Kevin Raye a small business owner himself, has been a tireless supporter of small business and is endorsed by the NFIB.  He has been an outspoken advocate for private landowner rights, speaking out against the abuses of LURC.  The Second District will be glad to know he is a defender of the Second Amendment and believes in traditional marriage.  Most importantly, Kevin Raye believes in the State of Maine, its people and its rich resources and potential.  He will not be silent in his defense of our great State while he is in Washington.   The Maine Conservative Voice believes that it is imperative we have a visible, yes, visible representation in Washington for the Second District as opposed to a man who hides in the shadows until he is prodded out to vote on the spike heel of Nancy Pelosi.  Kevin Raye is the right choice for the Second District and the State of Maine.

Write Your Name On It

In the process of the everyday execution of my trade and profession, I often have the opportunity to repair and remodel older homes.  One such home was up here in the foothills of the highlands in small town called Brownville Junction.  As the name implies, this little town was once a bustling depot for trains as they ferried the abundant resources of the north woods to areas abroad.  This whole town was built and supported by the rails that ran through them, that is, until the advent of the regulatory tyranny of the Democrat Party in this State.  But that is a story for another time.

As I carefully removed the handcrafted, craftsman style moldings on doorways and baseboards as to preserve them for reattachment, I noticed something very striking and unique about this trim work.  Time to time on the backs of the wood a signature was scrawled in black with the name of the tradesman, his place of residence and date the piece was attached.  I call this unique and striking because in our modernized and mechanized age the time of handmade wood trim is a bygone era and the hands that expertly shaped and signed them have been, in many instances, laid to rest.

Yes, there is a certain sadness to acknowledge the end of an era, but the sentiment is not gone.  As a young boy learning the trades, my mentors would often admonish me by asking if I was willing to sign my name to the work I had completed and they were inspecting.  Now as a father of two rambunctious boys just getting their feet wet in the trades, I often hear myself reminding them that everything they do is a reflection on their name, their reputation.

Can you sign your name to it?  Are you so secure in your abilities and your product that you would scrawl your name, your residence and the time you built it knowing full well that very signature would leave none other to blame for failure but you?  That blackened scrawl that I read in Brownville Junction represented years of learning, hard work, failure, mistakes, experience and finally the graduation to the confidence to write the signature of a craftsman.

Sadly, many leaders of today will not sign their name to their work or, if they do, they won’t stand by it.  It starts with our sitting President, who has blamed everyone but himself for the actions or inactions of his administration.  The fault has consistently been blamed on President Bush, then Congress and his new scapegoat now, shamefully, is his wife and little girls.  When his campaign managers are pressed to answer if the country is better off than four years ago, they dodge repeatedly, then point to the Maine Ron Paul fiasco and say, with all the petulance of a fourteen year old, “at least we’re united”.

Maine’s leader of the Stealth Democrats, former Governor Angus, will not divulge where he stands politically on issues, who his allies are and how he will vote if he is elected.  Thankfully, the people of Maine have his record to look at.  But the Monarch of Mystery still will not even acknowledge the facts that are on the record.  The deficits he burdened this State with he calls theoretical.  He calls the exposition of his corrupt dealings, by pushing through State laws, which would facilitate his wind energy business, a twisting of the truth.  No, the only twisting is a certain King of Lies in the wind.  Can you sign your name to anything…Governor King?  And you want our trust and vote?

Herbert Clark, who is challenging Senator Doug Thomas for his seat, will not stand behind his bill that he co-sponsored in the legislature.  He said he didn’t realize what was in the bill.  How can you call yourself a competent legislator and not know what the bill you sponsored was about?  It was about information, a reminder, Mr. Clark, finding and providing information.  You, sir, and the special interests groups holding your puppet strings are fighting the dispensation of vital information to the people of Maine.  The Honorable Herbert Clark needs to stand by his signature.

Representative Jeff McCabe of Skowhegan has a different approach to the concept of a signature piece.  Mr. McCabe so admired the work of his mentor John Martin that he took Martin’s work and put his own name on it, word for word.  In the real world, it’s called plagiarism.

There seems to be a theme of accountability or the lack thereof, running through the Democrat ranks that are completely divergent from the core of American exceptionalism.  This November the people of Maine and the rest of the Nation must force the Democrat Party to sign their name to their handiwork, make them stand by it and face the repercussions for it.  If we the people do not demand this, they will never do it on their own.