Cover Up??

An update to my article entitled “Different Reality, Different Neighborhood”. Local papers to this point have not published this article that was sent to them. I have contacted them several times with no response. My articles have been printed in past weeks but when this article which contains damming evidence to invalidate a Democrat’s candidacy, the Piscataquis Observer suddenly has chosen not to publish this information.(I have also sent this article to Bangor Daily and The Eastern Gazette)

I’m hoping this not an effort by the paper to run cover for the Democrat party. I’m hoping that, perhaps next week, the article will be run in the editorial section where my articles usually appear.  This is an issue that most be addressed.

The Town of Addison has Dr. Evans’ application for Homestead exemption on file stating that he indeed has applied for and received Homestead exemption in the Town of Addison. He must claim residency in the town he has exemption in. The town of Addison is in Washington County, not Piscataquis County, the county in which he is running for office.

The law requires that you must be a resident in the District you seek office for at least 90 days/3 months directly preceding the election. As a candidate, Dr. Evans would have to collect signatures and checks from voters in that District that he claims to reside in. Yet, he still claims Homestead Exemption and residency in a County and District that is hours away from the District he claims to want to represent.

He does own a home in Dover-Foxcroft and does have his mail sent there. But you cannot claim residency in two towns for two different purposes; one to receive tax exemption, the other to run for office. Which is it? You can’t have them both!

The Red County Caucus Endorses Ted Cruz


The members of “The Red County Caucus” announce their endorsement for the Republican nomination in the 2016 Presidential election.


In 2008, it was Piscataquis County’s singular status as the only Red County in all of New England that caused then Representative Paul Davis to begin thinking of forming an activist group that was indicative of this unique achievement. After finding three other Conservatives who shared a commonality and saw the potential of his idea, Davis forged ahead and formed “The Red County Caucus”. The RCC, as some have called the Red Caucus, is made up of those same four founding members: now Senator Paul Davis (R- Sangerville), former Senator Doug Smith (R-Dover-Foxcroft), former Representative Pete Johnson (R-Greenville), and Andy Torbett, a local Conservative activist and columnist.


In 2010, The Red County Caucus made its first impact upon the Maine political landscape with its endorsement of then candidate Paul R. LePage. The RCC endorsement is viewed by many as a pivotal moment in the 2010 primary race that helped to propel the Mayor of Waterville to win the Republican gubernatorial nomination and eventually the Governorship. To this day, those who claim to stand for conservative principles must pass the litmus test of the Red County.


It is with these principles in mind, that The Red County Caucus unanimously endorses Senator Ted Cruz to be the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2016. We find that Mr. Cruz is a man of strong moral fiber, a man of steadfast conviction, honest, unashamed of his God, his faith, and his family. He has proven that it these things that he treasures above all and, therefore, we stand convinced that he would tirelessly defend those selfsame treasures that we also hold so dear.


He has defended the precepts of the Constitution and our Free Republic before the Supreme Court with tenacity, prevailing against all odds. Then in the United States Senate, despite a barrage of criticism from the media and members of his own Party, he has continued to defend the God-given Constitutional rights of all Americans.


Furthermore, We, The Red County Caucus, believe firmly that the solutions for a return to greatness in our beloved Nation are not found in one man. Those solutions are found in the citizens of this great Republic whose only impediment to success is a government that restricts our freedom and does not honor our rights. We believe that Senator Ted Cruz, as the next President of the United States of America, will work to lessen the power of government and return that power where it belongs, with “We The People.”


The Honorable Paul Davis-Maine State Senator District 4

The Honorable Peter Johnson- former Maine State Representative

The Honorable Doug Smith- former Maine State Senator

Andy Torbett-The Maine Conservative Voice

The Thomas Constitution, The Boiling Pot, and Freedom



It has been said that we can judge the character of an individual by how they handle adversity. Through times of confrontation and criticism, warranted or unwarranted, and whether they be truth or lies, our responses in the harsh and uncomfortable times reflect the core of who we are and what we believe. I was often taught, as a boy, that heat makes the pot boil and whatever is in the pot, good or bad, will bubble to the top.


A few weeks ago, while attending the Republican Convention in Bangor, I was waiting for my wife in the concession area just outside the auditorium hall. Suddenly someone grabbed me by the shoulder and whirled me around. I came face to face with a very red faced and angry Senator Doug Thomas. He shook his finger at me and said, “One of these days, I will have my turn” and then stormed off.


This wasn’t a total surprise. In my tenure as County Chairman for Piscataquis County, I have had to deal with many a tantrum from Senator Thomas. Politics is a high-pressure occupation and some handle it better than others.


The reason for the Senator’s anger with me, at this point, has to do with the columns I have written about him in The Maine Conservative Voice. He has accused me of using my Chairmanship in the Republican Party as a platform to advocate for Paul Davis. This is absolutely untrue.


Four years ago, when I was first elected to Chair the Piscataquis Republican Committee, I was already writing this column. I stated very clearly to the committee that I would not have TMCV muzzled. I promised the committee that I would not be controversial using the title of Chair of the committee, but that I would keep all of my activism and controversy to my column and not drag the committee into those issues. I have kept my word.


Senator Thomas has claimed that this agreement between the Piscataquis Committee and myself did not happen. There are three reasons why the good Senator is mistaken in his accusations. Here they are:


First, both of my elections were held at conventions and since Senator Thomas is not from Piscataquis but Somerset, he would not have caucused with our committee and therefore would not have been privy to any of those conversations. Second, the by-laws of the committee clearly states that county committee members are not to use the committee to advance their own agenda or activism, which I promised to do simply in keeping with the by-laws. Thirdly, there is a little thing called the First Amendment, which states that I can express my opinion free from the confines of any committee or any threats from pompous Senators.


So, we see that my arrangement with the Piscataquis Republican Party was simply a reiteration of rules already in place. It’s more than ironic that the Honorable Senator Thomas has no problem with Deb Plowman, Chair of Penobscot County, fundraising and supporting his campaign. This double standard seems to imply that he fears the impact of this column.


After the misdeeds of Senator Thomas began to pile up, I knew I could be silent no more. I could not speak as Chair, but I knew if I put the heat on him through The Maine Conservative Voice, his true nature would boil to the top. And now the tantrums, threats, and vindictive behavior have been exposed for all to see by the heat of confrontation.


I was told to be silent or there would be a price to pay. I have paid the price. Senator Thomas has succeeded in removing me from my Chairmanship. But I will not be silent. I will speak and write all the more.


Senator Thomas seems to think that Republicans should only speak what he sanctions and agrees with. Rumor has it that the County Chair for Somerset, Cynthia Izon, is next on his target list. Her crime? She was seen speaking with Paul Davis at a fundraiser. Call out the hounds.


Senator Thomas, I’m quite sure The Maine Republican Party does not share your affection for the monarchy, despotism and totalitarian rule. As for me and The Maine Conservative Voice, my response to the Thomas Constitution, your attempts to silence me and remove me from the Republican Party is this: Be careful what you wish for!

The Red County Firewall

The people of Maine endured a political firestorm in this past legislative session from the Democrats.  From the moment they took their majority, they embarked on a partisan mission to undo every legislative accomplishment of the Republican Party.  This narrow minded approach to governing was best exemplified recently as Maine Democrats voted down party lines against a bill to aid victims of sex trafficking, but then passed a Justin Alfond bill to promote wine tasting.

This “blind leading the blind” mantra practiced by the Alfond/Eaves Democrats is simply a parrot of the “my way or the highway” dogma preached by the Reid/Pelosi Democrats at the national level, where reaching across the aisle simply means to reach and pull Republicans to their side.  All must obey.  All must march in lockstep to the stamp of Nancy Pelosi’s stiletto heel or feel its sharp point in the back of their neck.  One can then understand why Maine’s own whimpering Mike Michaud, Pelosi’s Puppy, meekly obeyed and voted against his own people, preventing them from keeping their health insurance.

The Alfond “subvert the people at all costs” tactics left the Governor sharpening and resharpening the quill on his veto pen.  Governor LePage set a record for vetoes sustained.  He would not have been able to defend the people of Maine with such tenacity had it not been for the strength of conservatives in the legislature who worked hard to sustain those vetoes.

In a recent conversation with an influential political operative and good friend, Jason Savage, I asked him what percentage of those vetoes sustained had been sustained by two or less votes.  He didn’t have exact numbers with him but acknowledged that the percentage was pretty high.  I further pressed him by asking which County was the most consistent in their votes to stop the overreach of the Alfond Democrats.  Jason smiled because he knew where my questions were leading.  He replied with this simple answer, “This is why we call Piscataquis County, ‘The Red County Firewall’.”

Paul Davis (R-Sangerville) and Pete Johnson (R-Greenville) are the two representatives from Piscataquis County.  Their two votes have made up what has become know in political circles as “The Red County Firewall”.  Their votes have been about more than sustaining the Governor’s vetoes; they have been about defending the common sense of Maine people.  It has been about demanding that our State government pay its bills just like Maine residents do.  With the support of “The Red County Firewall”, Governor LePage was able to pay the hospitals the money due them, something the Alfond led Democrats fought desperately to block.  If you see Paul Davis or Pete Johnson, thank them for having the courage to hold the line against the firestorm of big government and selfish politicians.  Thank them for being “The Red County Firewall” for the people of Maine!