Silence is Golden, Still


Democrats are laying the whip to the foundations of our Republic. Those who represent us are either standing aside in mute obeisance or taking their beating in silence. What can be learned from the whimpers of the cowed, distant in the still?

Representative Ocasio-Cortez has laid down the law. The gauntlet has been thrown. The new leader of the Democrats has taken charge.

Moderate Democrats have been given notice. Voting in any way that represents your District, but does not represent the Democrat agenda, will result in being blacklisted. How will Jared Golden, who campaigned on standing up to his Party, respond?

Jared Golden voted against the gun control bill, even making a public statement that the bill did not reflect the will of his constituents. This prompted a swift rebuke from the new leader of Green Deals. Stepping out of the new green lock-step will find you on the Ocasio-Cortez naughty list.

There is an expectation, in a Republic, that the Representative should attempt to represent. Should a Representative speak to power in defense of those in his District? Not if the Democrat Party holds its sway over Golden.

Imagine in this Republic, being placed on a blacklist for attempting to represent your constituents. Imagine that Representative already too cowed and bullied to issue a public response, a rebuke for this travesty of overreach. Imagine no more! If you listen to the reality, you will hear the still and quiet that surrounds the silence that is Golden.

By Andy Torbett

Finish the Task


Bruce Poliquin will, and must, continue his challenge to the Ranked Choice voting system and the Constitutionality of the results. He will, because it is his choice as a citizen of this Republic and he has the freedom to do so. He must, because he is a Representative of the voters in the 2nd Congressional District (CD2) who, 20,000 strong, voted against the RCV and feel disenfranchised by the results of the new voting system.

It bears repeating that those who decry the challenges to RCV as an effort to erode the voter’s confidence in the voting process spent millions in an effort to erode the voter’s confidence in the voting process in order to pass RCV. To one eligible citizen there is given one vote. That is the Constitution and, as Representative Poliquin took an oath to defend the Constitution, he is required by that oath to challenge this attack on the very foundation of our Republic.

In this light, the argument and subsequent mockery of Poliquin that he did not fully criticize the RCV during the election and that this somehow invalidates his challenge is at best irrelevant and at worst, laughable. The Representative is bound by his oaths of public servitude to his constituents, the integrity of this Republic, and the ideals set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Yet, he is, of course, free to violate these oaths, as some do, for personal ease and deflection of responsibility, but the erosion of the individual voting rights of the citizen will only continue.

No, Bruce Poliquin is bound to see this through, to finish this task. In so doing,perhaps, he can raise the awareness of the, too often, apathetic voter. Maybe there can arise enough passion to repeal this travesty.

-Andy Torbett

Wrong Answer or Wrong Question?


The great warrior chieftain of the Hebrews was preparing for a crucial and pivotal battle in the Jewish people’s nomadic quest to reclaim the land of Abraham. The night before the battle, Joshua left the encampment for a contemplative walk. As he surveyed the walls of the city they would attack in the morning, he noticed in the pale moonlight a soldier before him with his sword drawn. Joshua quickly put his hand to the hilt of his sword and called out to him asking, “Are you for us or are you against us?” Imagine Joshua’s surprise when the warrior answered, “No!”


Joshua had set the parameters for their relationship with the two options in his challenge to the perceived opponent. The nameless moonlit warrior completely ignored the premise of the question. The second half of his response gives inkling to why this warrior so disdained Joshua’s challenge.


The full answer was this, “No! I am the Captain of the Host of the Lord!” While Joshua might have been thinking, “Wrong answer”, this Captain was emphatically announcing “Wrong Question!” Joshua was informed in no uncertain terms that Host of the Lord is on nobody’s side and that Joshua better get on their side. It would seem that even in the modern enlightened age we live in today, we still struggle with asking the “Wrong Questions”.


As a result of some of the activism work I do, there are a certain news feeds that I follow pretty regularly. I was very disappointed one evening to read a startling question on a story through what I thought was a conservative outlet. The question was in reference to the presidential primary and it read, “Which candidate has the answer to save America?”


Whether you believe the Captain in the pale darkness was an angel, a Christophany, or just a character in morality fable, I for one found a sudden empathy for his frustration that necessitated a demand for a third option. Yes, that rumbling you hear is our Founding Fathers spinning like tops in their graves. Will someone please stand up and say “No” to a one-man solution?


This is a Republic! It is not meant to fixed by one man, no matter how big his hair or… whatever… that… is. We are not supposed to be deciding if the Constitution is on our side or not. We can’t change it so we can “get those people because they deserve it and they’re mean to me.” We can’t force businesses to stay in this country even when it makes us mad when they leave. Why? Because the Constitution says you can’t, that’s why! We need to stop asking and trying to make the Constitution be on our side, when we are supposed to be on the Constitution’s side.


No, the Constitution is not Theocracy, but for the love of the Republic will somebody please stand up against this push to anoint a savior? Can we please stop looking in the ballot box for the messiah? When will Americans who love freedom stand up amidst this desperate din and shout? No!

Silence Beholden


One of the greatest misconceptions of Christianity, both within and without the faith, is that peace loving, God-fearing, and the true expression of God’s love is somehow equal to or synonymous with silence. The idea that in order to love one’s fellow man one must live beholden to silence in the face of persecution is simple not true. Christians of today are constantly reminded if they are not placid and pliable they will immediately be affixed with the moniker of hateful and unloving.

Christianity, from its inception during the Roman Empire, has been brutally persecuted down through the centuries and civilizations. It certainly hasn’t been because of their silence and muted beliefs. While scripture is saturated with teachings of love and peace, it also is equally laced with admonitions to maintain and preach a holy life. It is this preaching in the face of overwhelming opposition that cost many a Christian their life.

Once such Christian was Apostle Paul. A gifted teacher and prolific writer, the Apostle was once a zealous persecutor of Christians, most notably overseeing the execution of Stephen, a beloved deacon of the early church. After his conversion, Paul would exhort the Roman Church to “live at peace with all men” with this interesting caveat: “as much it lies within you”. The Apostle would later recount how he himself had been thrown to the lions yet had defeated the lions in the coliseum.

Perhaps Paul was concerned the Christians were meekly walking to the slaughter abdicating their rights as Roman citizens. It should be noted that Paul when imprisoned in Corinth demanded to know why he, a Roman citizen, should be beaten and jailed with out a proper trial. Paul, on several occasions, eloquently and effectively defended his faith in the high courts of the Roman Empire until his strong views on homosexuality proved too much for the government and he was beheaded.

Still, Christianity has also been guilty of persecutions as many of its detractors are quick to point out. While many will use this truth as reason for retaliation against any Christian form of faith, this natural desire for a comeuppance is really the catalyst for the Freedoms we once enjoyed in this Country. The Founders wanted to maintain expression without repression.

Christians began fleeing to the “New World” to escape persecution, ironically, from the Christian church. These believed that a salvation experience was a personal one that did not need to come from the church. The church, now infused with the power of government, dealt harshly with these miscreants with inquisitions and excommunications. Sadly, humanity has the propensity to, once free from persecution, repeat the very same atrocities it most recently was freed from.

Our Founding Fathers were well aware of this tendency in the frailty of human behavior. They crafted a Republic that would break the old world cycle of religious persecutions and strong man politics by protecting the right to express one’s faith or lack thereof and prohibiting the repression of such. While many of the “enlightened” move to disparage the wisdom of our founders, time has only proven them all the wiser.

The idea that the framers of our great Republic never envisioned the madness in which we are embroiled in today is one more fallacy. The liberties we enjoy in principle, though debatable in practicum, serve notice that they were established for such a time as this. They foresaw that should a time come that a corrupt, weak, and feckless government and minority of people emboldened by that government’s cowardice and complicity would work, through repression, to eliminate the citizen’s Freedom to express their faith, the people would have the power to stand and fight for their freedom. Yet in this time of unparalleled freedom in world history, Christians seem strangely quiet to do so.

Never in the history of mankind has a civilization offered to its people such freedom. The blood of the millions of Christians who have given their all under the oppression of regimes cry out in astonishment as Christians in the United States silently abdicate their Freedom spurning the sacrifice not only of the great patriots of this Nation but the souls of so many whose unjust deaths were the impetus for the Freedoms of this great Republic. Are Christians beholden to cower in silence or are they accountable to their God to preserve and protect these great liberties, not just for Christians, but so that all peoples of faith may freely express their faith without fear of reprisal? What do Christians believe?